At AEU, members benefit. And when we say benefit, we mean it — in four different ways. Introducing the Longshore 4: Four key principles that ensure members always benefit when choosing AEU as their USL&H insurance carrier.

Lower claims caseloads

Performance-based underwriting

Unique loss control score for benchmarking

Real-time member analytics
through Compass™ dashboard

Learn more about the Longshore 4 principles below and test your knowledge by taking all four interactive Longshore 4 quizzes.

Lower Claims Caseloads

When it comes to USL&H insurance, members and brokers know better than anyone that time is money in the most literal sense of the phrase. Unlike many providers that outsource their claims handling to third-party administrators, the AEU team handles everything in house. Our members benefit from consistently low claims caseloads which allow for quickly closed claims, reduced loss ratios, and lower premiums. Not to mention that our in-house claims reporting team is easy to speak with on the telephone and never ignores an email.

But don't take our word for it — let the numbers speak for themselves.

What is the average claims adjuster caseload for the typical insurance company?

If you guessed 150 cases, you're right!

The average insurance company claims adjuster handles 150 cases at once. In comparison, AEU Claims Specialists' caseloads are kept at a maximum of 75 claims at any one time — meaning that we're able to process and close cases more quickly which ultimately saves members money.

Performance-based underwriting

If you are the one receiving a rate, shouldn’t you be a key factor in its calculation? This logic seems reasonable enough, but believe it or not, it’s not how many USL&H carriers operate. In fact, we’re not exactly sure how they operate at all — because most of them aren’t willing to share the details of their underwriting processes.

This lack of communication makes it impossible for insureds to know how their premiums were created, let alone know how to improve them. Furthermore, it makes it difficult for insureds to hold their insurance carriers accountable for maintaining objective and fair underwriting pricing.

At AEU, we don’t like to keep our members guessing. We’re open and transparent about our underwriting process, which is based on individual member performance. Not only do we share this information with our members, but we recognize when they use it to their advantage. Our loss divisor option adjusts premiums according to members’ performance — allowing them to control exposure to risk and potentially save money.

How does AEU’s underwriting process differ from other carriers’ processes?

A. It’s transparent & performance-based
B. It’s more robust & includes a scale of 1-10
C. It’s interactive & includes a member survey
If you selected A, you're right!

Our transparent, performance-based underwriting process lets members use information to their advantage. AEU members have access to many of the same facts our underwriters do, meaning that they can take action to improve their premiums.

Unique Loss Control Score for Benchmarking

If you work in the maritime industry, you know that metrics are essential to your work. Factors like weight, width, and depth drive decisions and provide an objective, simple framework for the entire industry to operate upon.

Ironically, most USL&H insurance carriers don’t work the same way. They don’t provide metrics for measuring insureds’ exposure to risk — meaning that insureds have no way of knowing how they measure up.

But not AEU. Our unique “loss control score” is a numerical expression of exposure to risk. It’s simple: The lower the risk, the lower the premium.

Furthermore, each loss control score is delivered with supporting data that serves as a performance benchmark. View your past scores, industry averages, and scoring details so that you can measure success and see how you stack up against the competition. Because once you have the metrics, everything will start to make sense.

Which of these components are included in an AEU loss control score?

A. Historical Member Scores
B. Industry Group Averages
C. Scoring Metrics Details
D. All of the above
If you selected all three components, you’re right!

Our unique loss control scores allow members to benchmark their progress and save money on premiums.

Real-Time Member Analytics
through Compass™ Dashboard

In today’s fast-paced world, simply supplying information over the phone or in the mail isn’t enough. Insureds need to be able to access in-depth information 24/7 and when they’re on the go — because when it comes to employeee safety and company resources, there’s no time to wait.

AEU understands that the maritime industry moves fast and that to best serve our members, we need to keep up with the pace. Which is why we created the Compass™ Dashboard, an online platform with real-time information regarding your company’s claim cost, claim frequency, premium rate, projected losses, and more. The dashboard even includes a forum for member questions and a direct line of communication to our team for immediate support.

It’s just one way that AEU is committed to putting our members’ benefits first — anytime, anywhere.

AEU’s online Compass™ Dashboard gives members access to:

A. Martime Industry Tips & News
B. Member Analytics & Forum
C. Navigational Tools & Directions
If you selected member analytics and forum, you’re right!

AEU’s online Compass™ Dashboard allows members to access information and support anytime, anywhere.